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At Guy Bible, we’ve got some fun-filled, engaging and useful content for all men, whether you’re Arnold Schwarzenegger or Danny DeVito.

 Heck, we’re so bloody good that sometimes even you ladies sometimes sneak a peek at our website hoping to find something funny.

We realise that there’s more to men than just booze and babes (although we do like those two things) and like to dig deeper with our men’s thoughts and how to guides. We’re going to answer those personal questions you’re too afraid to ask and look at those thoughts that

keep you up at 2 am at night (no, not those thoughts, you’ll find that on other websites).

We’ve also got a fitness section that tries to cut through the BS online. We won’t get you six pack abs in 6 days, or tell you that you can naturally look like someone who’s clearly on steroids, but we can help you move from that ‘Dad bod’ onto a younger and sexier ‘uncle bod’ (Trademarked phrase).

And of course, we’ll also keep you posted on the latest updates involving the worlds of sport, technology and lifestyle. We’ve also got a handy section on money and finance too.

So whether it’s making you laugh, throwing something interesting your way, or giving you advice on how to be a manly man, we’ve got you mate.