Adrenaline Activities to Try Before You Die

Adrenaline Junkie

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So, you are one of the very few real-life Extreme Sports Adrenaline Junkies. You crave that incredible rush and seek more thrills than anybody else you know.

In this blog, we have compiled the best Adrenaline Activities you must try before you die. That is assuming, you don’t actually die doing one of your extreme sports! As let’s face it, you love that feeling of near to the edge,  wild danger. A quiet game of golf or snooker, cards or chess, just doesn’t do it for you. It would be more fun watching paint dry.

You have jumped out of planes, bungee-jumped from buildings, and cage dived with sharks.

Here are a few more hell-raising ideas, to really get that adrenalin pumping hard.

  • Ice cross carting

Ice Cross Carting

Navigate a circuit made of ice, twisting and turning in a small cart, on a frozen lake, backwards, forwards, sideways, spinning practically out of control.

  • Mega avalanche bike racing

avalanche bike racing

Every year since 1995, this stupidly dangerous event is held at the Alpe D’Huez ski resort and consists of lunatics riding their bikes down a mountain, closely followed by an avalanche. In this extreme sports event, everyone is a winner that makes it down alive. Actually, that is not entirely true. The winner is the one who makes it down first.

  • Heli-skiing

what is heli skiing

This one is very simple, jump out of a helicopter, wearing a pair of ski’s, onto parts of a snow-covered mountain, that are completely inaccessible to anyone not in a chopper. and reach top speeds of silly MPH.

  • Wing Walking

wing walking

This was originally a daredevil stunt. Walk along the wing of a moving plane and jump onto the wing of another moving plane. What could be more fun and relaxing than that?

  • Cliff Camping

Cliff Camping

Being an Extreme Sports Adrenaline Junkie, you will only be used to your mad sports lasting no more than a few minutes, but this one lasts, overnight. You stay in a tent that is suspended, and swinging precariously from a mountain top and is classed as the world’s scariest B&B experience.

  • Ziplining

Zip lining

This is another simple one, quick, fast and pulls a big punch, zip down a wire at extremely fast speeds. This is a perfect way to wake yourself up in the morning, after a late-night on the town.

  • High Diving

High Diving

This one consists of you wearing a wetsuit and a life jacket, you are thrown down giant water slides in different positions of your choice, a good idea is headfirst, then do some acrobatics, as you then dive into high altitude lakes. This is another good one to get the old cockles beating, and the adrenaline pumping, probably best not to eat anything before this one though.

  • Base Jumping

base jumping

This one is absolutely free, and not an awful lot of thought needs to go into it either, just simply throw yourself off from a high place, a blue lagoon is a perfect place to jump into. However beware, the water must be deep.

  • Highlining


This is quite a strange one. It is a bit like tight rope walking, except the rope is not tight, and it is often done over dangerous rapids or waterfalls, just to add another dimension to the amount of crazy frightening-ness, to the overall experience.

  • Free Running

free running

This one requires a lot of skill. You jump off buildings and high ledges, somersaulting and landing, so, the less skill you have, the more of an adrenaline rush you will have. But seriously, don’t do this one under any circumstances if you really have no idea what you are doing.

  • Zero gravity flights

Zero gravity flights

Experience weightlessness in a special purpose-built plain, which is freefalling, you will be weightless for around 25 seconds. This is also used by the international space station astronauts for their training sessions.

  • Take a skywalk in China

sky walk china

Locals call this, the walk of faith. It is a vertigo-inducing see-through pathway, which is bolted to the side of Tianmen mountain, in China. It is 1,432 m or 4,700 feet high, and this one if you can keep your eyes open for long enough, really does have breath-taking views of the canyon below.

  • Storm Chasing

Storm chasing

Get in a car in tornado alley, and travel across Texas, chasing a storm. However, this one will only get the adrenaline pumping, if you actually catch up with a storm. Then when you finally do, you will see and feel mother nature in all her glory, as you flirt with her power, and witness her ferocity.

These are some of the Adrenaline activities to try before you die!