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Batman or Superman: Who Was the Best?

This is one of the biggest questions  that has eluded the most brilliant scientific and philosophical minds of our time.

Homo Sapiens  have come such a long way on the evolutionary scale. Ever since coming out of the trees as monkeys and living on the plains. Millennium after millennium slowly standing up right and walking on two legs. Hunting  farming and making crude tools.

Fast forward another 20,000 years. Inventing the wheel  painting and looking to the skies and contemplating. Move on again, another 5000 years inventing the engine flying a plane, harnessing the power of electricity, fighting wars,  practically ruining the planet, inventing computers, going into outer space  landing on the moon, sending advanced robotic transportation and investigative equipment to mars to look for life, along with the realistic concept  of very soon being able to send humans up there too. Curing illnesses and writing like Shakespeare. Our brains are getting bigger, more clever and more advanced as the years go by, and what is our most important question?

Who was the best, Batman or Superman?

batman vs superman

To answer this question we need to look at these hero’s a bit more in depth.

First we have Superman. He was a mysterious alien with amazing superpowers. His biological parents Jor-El and Lara  called him by the name of  Kal-El. He came from the planet Krypton and arrived in Smallville where he was adopted by Martha and Jonathan Kent. They both gave him his name, Clarke Kent.

Now, he could fly through the air at the speed of a moving bullet. However, he wore light blue lycra tights with a pair of red Y fronts pulled up over the top of them. Also, a big red S on the front of his chest with a small red cape. Not really the best look…

He never covered his face but he did have a cool kiss curl. Also, he took his glasses off so his friend Lois Lane, a reporter (obviously not a very sharp one)  was absolutely obsessed with trying to meet and interview superman. However, she never recognised him as being Clumsy Clark Kent. Even when he would  daringly rescue her and hold her in his arms whilst flying through the sky and staring at her in the face from two inches away!

Also, give him a bit of Kryptonite and he was no good to anyone!

While Batman was a normal human just like you and me. At the tender young age of 8 years old he unfortunately witnessed the murder of his parents. From that day forth he vowed to fight crime and bring criminals to justice…

…Whilst dressed as a bat…

However, those cleverly trained Gotham City police detectives in all their wisdom  never quite realised that behind the cunning disguise he was really  millionaire Bruce Wayne. Then there was his young nephew, Robin. They would both slide down those firemen’s poles  into the amazingly futuristically kitted out bat cave. The batcave completely hidden under Bruce Wayne’s house. This must have been enough to throw those brilliant detectives off the scent.

Batman and Robin were just so cool and together they were collectively known as  ‘The Dynamic Duo.”

Batman Vs Superman: Who Would Really Win in A Fight?

superman and batman fighting

Well they are both incredibly powerful in their own right and they have traded blows on a few occasions. It would be very close right up to the point at which Batman pulls out a piece of Green rock which he always keeps to hand just in case he comes across a Kryptonian. I think maybe it has been dipped in the purest Kryptonite and as we know one small whiff of that stuff and the all-powerful superman well is not superman anymore and just….man. So at this point in the fight Batman has the advantage.

However, all it would really take for superman to win very easily would be just one clean punch from him landing directly on Batman. This is because Superman’s strength is so far beyond any mere mortal if Batman wasn’t wearing the correct clothing one punch would kill him. However, he is wearing the correct clothing and the technology built in makes his batsuit one of the things that may just be able to turn the tide for him  plus the fact  he is Trained under the League of Assassins and has been forged in fire and battle. However, there is no way he can rely on his strength compared to Superman’s.

So right now they are both still about equal. Superman also has superhuman speed and there is absolutely nothing Batman could do to match him there either. It is looking like Superman is going to win with an easy knockdown. However, not so fast because Batman has extensively studied  just how Kryptonians fight. This will give him the ability to second guess nearly every one of Superman’s moves.

So just as Krypton Guy’s powerful punch is slicing its way through the air  towards Batman as if in slow motion Robin appears and throws a small piece of green rock! Batman catches it and as the punch is coming in from Superman instead of it landing cleanly on Batman it lands cleanly on the piece of green rock! This in turn gets lodged into Superman’s hand and he collapses giving batman the chance to wrap some bat rope around him. He then ties him up thus leaving Superman helpless and screaming “I concede  I concede.”

There we have it. Batman wins and still looks cool.

He is the Best! We hope this solves one of your guy thoughts, and gives you some peace of mind in your complicated life.


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