How Much Of A Real Guy Are You?

Have you ever wondered, am I really man enough?  Do you worry that shaving your legs loses some of your masculinity? Lets be fair, it probably doesn’t help. So here at the guy bible we have devised our very own test for guys. Simply answer the questions provided and we will be able to tell you instantly where you are on the scale. Warning, we can’t be held responsible for the results. If it turns out that you are actually a girl, then it is you that needs to do something about it. Stopping the guyliner and lipstick may be a really good start though.  Have fun.


How do you travel around?

man truck

What’s this tool used for?

Shaving Knife

What is your ideal Pet

unusual pets

Have you ever started a fire using just 2 sticks and kindling?

starting a fire with two sticks

Have you ever cried watching a movie?

Men Crying in Movies

How Often Do You Swear?

Guy Swearing

How long does it take to grow a good man beard?

a man truck

Do you occasionally sit down to go pee pee

Sitting Down To Pee

Which film do you like the most

movies for men

What type of underwear do you use?

mens pants

Who Is This Guy?

who is chuck Norris?

What’s the most important thing you think about when choosing a movie?

Choosing a movie

What are you most likely to grill?

what men love to grill

Are you great at building and fixing things

guys repairing things

What sounds like the perfect activity

Mens activities

Have you ever visited a tanning studio?

men tanning machines

What sounds best to drink?

The best drinks for men

How Much Of A Real Guy Are You?
What a guy – Your one of us, welcome to the club.

The total guy

You’re truly a man to behold. We bow to your brilliance and want to be your friend.
Wannabee Guy

Wannabee Guy

Your nearly there, Start swearing more and beating your chest in anger
A bit of a wet blanket

wet blanket man

You clearly like to bring out your feminine side from time to time. Man up and get with the program
Warning. You may be a girl

wimpy guy

Do you feel the need to put make up on? straighten your hair or shave your legs. It may be worth checking if you have the right organs down below.

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