How To Sell Using The Gift Of The Gab

How to sell

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So You Want To Know How To Sell

So, you want to know how to sell do you? You see yourself as the permanent secretary Humphries of the sales game. You want to pucker your lips and push them up against the blarney stone. You’re tired of tap dancing like Prince Andrew in an interview. You yearn for the ability to soothe the money from peoples’ wallets. Alright, buster. Allow me to dish out the savvy.


How to sell

The artful dodger knows the power of using visual words to mesmerise his brethren. Visual words conjure up vivid images in people’s minds and also allow them to tap into their own imaginations, which lends added power to your speech. Employ visual expressions such as, “a kick to the knee” or “a slap to the face”. When selling, incorporate these visual words and expressions to creating a picture of the great things that your target could be doing with your product or service. Sell them by weaving the product into an aspect of their lives. Don’t sell the product itself.

The rule of three states that most people’s minds like shortlists of not more than three elements. Do you think Tony Blair convinced the people by wearing a football jersey, that he could be one of the lads? Not on your nelly. Tony used the rule of three. “Our priorities are Education, Education, and Education.” Even Boris got in on the game, “We will Build, Build, Build.”  This technique also saves you when the words are not flowing. You can repeat yourself while still sounding confident.

A retail raconteur also uses alliteration to make his words more subconsciously seductive. He will throw in little gems, such as “Right as rain”, or “Good as gold”. At the expert level, the silky salesman will roll out a calm flow of visual expressions, triple phrases and alliteration to create emotions and ideas in people’s minds that get them to associate the positive feelings and pictures with the product being sold. When a gobby gabber reaches boss status, he will also ask questions that get people to talk about themselves and the picture that has been created for them. This is when someone makes a purchase or signs a deal, and they think it was their decision. Such is the gift of the gab.

Solid research also tells us that buttering up our intended mark, also works a charm. Even when a mark is aware that you may have an ulterior motive, paying them compliments results in a more positive attitude towards the gabber. Flattery, shmattery. If it works, walk with it. That’s some alliteration, my friends.

Scarcity also catches hard cases who think they know the deal. All those smarty-pants who think they have seen and heard it all. Creating a sense of urgency in the minds of people works all the time. Especially, if you have let them know that what you are selling will be in short supply, or the price is soon to rise. Here today, gone tomorrow, all that’s left is sorrow. I hope you are keeping up with me, Doris. That’s the rule of three, my budding little protégés.


We almost forgot about trust in our how to sell guide, didn’t we? Sharing something personal about yourself forms a connection with people that you have just met. It identifies you as a person and removes anonymity. Particularly, if what you are sharing is something a person can relate to, or has in common. Finally, be Delboy. Share a friendly anecdote that subtly promotes a positive quality about you. This could be a story where you did the honourable thing or you displayed honesty. The good gabber knows that anecdotes are most effective when they can demonstrate a stark contrast between themselves and undesirable behaviour. Is it questionable? No. Business is business.


The essence of cool is nonchalance or lack of effort. If you have to try too hard, then you can’t be cool, now can you?  The word on the corner is, don’t overdo it. There is a thin line between great gab and sales killing verbiage. The silver fox always knows where the ladies’ limits lie. Likewise, the salesman does not put too much sugar in his cream. With commitment and practice, you will be bedazzling the lolly out of anyone. You will be the boss on the street and in the boardroom. Most importantly, my son, you will be a black belt in origami.


We hope you liked our how to sell using the gift of the gab guide. If you managed to make any money by doing this then let us know in the comments section.  Alternatively if you want some more guy tips then scour the rest of our website to see the best posts that only men  will love. We promise you won’t be disappointed.