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Dating Tips For Men

Dating Tips For Men

Alright, listen up gents, it’s guy tips time. In the real world, fumbling around like Hugh Grant, engaging in a fool’s version of shoegazing, doesn’t get you anywhere. It’s not love, actually. Nor is it about a boy. This is about a man exploring his options. Andie McDowall doesn’t get wind up her skirt when a bloke blinks a lot and touches his hair.

The art of spontaneously getting a date requires confidence, panache, and perhaps a little cheek. Before we get started, we will assume that you have some basic sense and environmental awareness. Being spontaneous with every woman in your office will likely result in you becoming the HR department’s next legal project. Likewise, applying the panache with a woman who is holding a pram and a Sainsbury’s packet, while her husband pays for the parking, will certainly secure you a fat lip. Ethics, gents, ethics.


The first lesson in our guy tips may seem insulting to your intelligence but being spontaneous is exactly that. One of our best guy tips is that women are wily creatures, and they pick up on the signs when a man fancies them. If you have been hovering like a bumblebee for weeks, you have one foot in the grave, my son. Women like confidence and lurking tell her you have none. Either that or she will think Anthony Perkins, making tea for his mum.

Know some of the obvious signs that a woman likes you, or is at least interested. If she smiles at you and gives you the coy glance like Jessica Rabbit, remember that the bunny dies in Watership Down. Go in for the kill. When a woman laughs but you weren’t trying to be funny, your left eyebrow should raise. Pros like Sean Connery would know that his new mission has just been assigned.  A woman that touches her hair repeatedly in your presence and touches your arm or elbow in the course of conversation is exhibiting some tell-tale signs. Understand that if you pick up on these signs from a female in Hull, it could mean something else altogether.

When speaking to women that you fancy, remember that being natural and having a normal conversation is what wins the day. Funny pick-up lines for men are for a standard option. If you’re brave enough of course. My personal favourite, “Is your name Gillette? Because you are the best a man can get”, is funny in a Jim Carey kind of way. If that one works for you, I’ll give you fifty quid and a box of Maltesers. I would also be genuinely afraid of a woman that falls for that one. Think Glen Close in Fatal Attraction, you will earn every cent of that cheap comment.


Possibly your biggest hurdle is mastering your fear of rejection. Women can sense fear like a hyena. As always, it smacks of a lack of confidence. Rejection is like death and taxes. Get over it. A smooth customer will also know not to put a woman on a pedestal with cheesy compliments about her clothes or hair. You are not David Brent, nor do you wear socks and sandals. 

If you already know the object of your affection, strike up a casual conversation regarding your common connections. This may be mutual friends or environments where you know each other from. She may have a feeling that you are making moves but if you speak to her in a relaxed manner, such as the way that you speak to your brother or friends, you will have plausible deniability. Besides, if she is interested, she will be happy that you approached, and that you have not slaughtered the cow with tacky lines or quips about the weather.

If you have encountered the women for the first time, lesson number one is still important. Do not spend all night waiting for the perfect opportunity. The tortoise does not beat the hare. Cobras strike quickly for a reason. With casual confidence, walk up to her and introduce yourself. Speak to her about the environment that you are in. Unless she is Mary Bennet, she will respond with signs of life and provide you with avenues for new topics of conversation. A man imbued with panache is not afraid of a few momentary silences; on the contrary, he uses them to demonstrate his coolness.

There is no precise formula for asking a woman out on a date. There is no exact moment in the conversation when you deliver the question. A man of confidence does not ask the question. The David Niven of dating says things like, “We should go out this weekend, are you a Friday or Saturday person?” Or, he may say something along the lines of, “I’m hitting so and so’s bar tomorrow, you’ll like it. Meet me there.” This is spontaneity in action, gentleman.


Like the matrix, confidence and spontaneity cannot be explained to you. You must experience it for yourself. Practice makes Tiger Woods. All men have challenges to conquer. If confidence is yours, confront it. Like schizophrenia, it’s all in your head. Here endeth the lesson.


We all know that dating is tough, especially if you haven’t done it for a while. But rest assured out guy tips will have you fit and ready for the big day.  The guy bible is the best website for all things men on the internet. Check out our unique and different posts to give you all of the information you need to get yo through the day.