Should I buy a pinball machine?

Pinball Machine

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So, you’re thinking of buying a pinball machine? You’ve got the man cave, and now like the hairy domesticated goddess that you are, you want to fill it with man stuff.

The iconic pinball machine, you’ve seen them in the movies, you’ve seen them in the pub now you want one, and lets be honest they’re pretty damn cool!

What Is a pinball Machine?

What is a pinball machine?

A Pinball machine is an arcade amusement game where a ball is propelled by a plunger and then rolls down a slanting surface. This machine consists of a glass covered cabinet containing a playfield with pins, lights, targets, ramps and other objects. When straddled up against it the player uses paddles (flippers) to bounce the ball inside the pinball machine. The object of the game is to use the flippers to hit targets with the balls and score as many points as possible before the balls drop out of the game.

A Brief History

They originated in 1869 with the coin operated ones being introduced in the 1930s in Chicago. The machines were so popular that they were banned in New York and Los Angles from 1939-1976 with the New York Mayor believing that it ‘robbed school children of their hard-earned nickels and dimes.’

The ban only being lifted when an expert witness could prove in court that pinball was a game of skill rather than a game of chance as most gambling games are and he proved this by playing pinball and hitting his nominated shot in court!

One really cool thing about owning your own Pinball machine though will mean you wont have to spend any of your own ‘hard earned cash playing it.

Imagine that neon light glass cabinet sitting in your man cave/garage/shed/any free space in the house you can wedge one in. As it beacons to you and anyone who comes close enough to be play with it!s

What pinball machine should I pick?

Addams family pinball machine

There are so many pinball machines out there what you pick is all down to personal preference and they really do have incredible designs.

The back glass and playfield (the play area under glass) carry designs and unique play items dependent on the theme. Pick a machine with a design from your favourite film, favourite song, favourite band there are so many to choose from.

The bestselling machine since the coin operated machines began is the Addams family Pinball machine by Bally, having sold over 20,000 machines. It includes hidden vaults for the balls once other items have been unlocked and speech from the characters in the movie.

Or how about a teenage ninja turtle design, Jurassic park, Indiana jones, metallic, iron maiden or even a star trek machine. With older machines able to be reconditioned as well there really are some stunning designs to fit into any games room. 

How Much Does One Cost?

Ok here is the bit where you might just pause with that wallet in your hand but hear me out….

Let’s speak frankly, these aren’t going to be cheap. They are an investment but its worth it for a game that you will keep on wanting to come back to again and again.

They aren’t a fad; they have been going since the 1930’s and there are some serious collectors about who just love to purchase these for the artwork. That might be you, perhaps you aren’t intending to play it but be warned it will become addictive once you get your first one.

The Addams family pinball machine retails new at around the $9,999 mark.

Ok sorry about that, did you spill your beer! We did try to warn you!

Seriously though, think of the cost per play or how many years you are going to have this in your home and compare that to the price of a cheap car that falls to pieces or heck the price on fridges these days!

I’m sure the little lady has spent the same about of money within a year on house accessories and can’t even remember what she did buy!

You’re still going to have this bad boy machine for years to come, remind me again how much it costs to bring a child up?? compared to that, buying this is peanuts!

So is it a Yes or No?

Despite what people want you to believe, the best things in life aren’t free. They have a price tag a little pricey, but by god wont it be worth it?! Your own pinball, there for any time you want to spring your balls around and fiddle with your flippers! See what I did there!

To the hell with covid and lockdown going on, getting a pinball machine should be mandatory and you’re doing your family an injustice if you don’t get one!

There you have been told-go forth and pin!

He swaggers off to the sound of The Whos Pinball wizard…..Sure plays a mean pin ball……..