Things All Men Secretly Do But Won’t Admit

guy thoughts

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I like to think that I’m pretty normal but the reality is that we all have our quirks. Quirks that we try our best to hide from the rest of the world. It’s a scientific fact that all people behave differently in public than they do in private. But to what extent? Well, according to researchers at the Newcastle University of Psychology, our behaviour is affected by even the smallest of variables. The study found that participants changed their behaviour when put inside of a room with a poster that had eyes on them. Now, switch these to women’s eyes and see how the results rocket!

What do we, as men, have to hide anyway? Well here’s a list of things that we secretly do: Guy thoughts we all need to know.

Peeing In The Shower

Peeing in the shower

Don’t we all? Surely, this isn’t just a ‘man thing.’ What psychopath gets out in the middle of a shower to pee? There’s even a case to say that peeing in the shower is more hygienic. That’s why it’s not just the odd treat for us but a regular occurrence. Still, if you don’t agree, I believe this is one of our better peeing habits in comparison to peeing in a bottle (or any receptacle for that matter); peeing from a distance or peeing away skid marks. You might grimace but you’re just jealous of our marksmanship!

Use women’s cosmetics

guy liner

You spend so much money on them, it’s only natural that we get curious every now and then. From body wash to lotion and deodorant, we’re willing to try them all. They smell nicer and feel softer on the skin, since they use less harsher chemicals. We might even steal your makeup. Numerous men have admitted to using creams and concealer, to cover up blemishes and enhance their appearance. Great examples are President Emmanuel Macron and former President Donald Trump, although no one can is trying to look like that latter.

Touching our ‘pork-sword’ all the time

pork sword

This is a tricky one. I guess, it’s just innate. Even when nothing is wrong, I find myself having a cheeky fiddle. I mean, we’ve all been caught trying to pull a fast one but I promise you, it’s nothing sinister. We’re not trying to knock one out. Sometimes it’s just a case of fixing our pesky underwear. For those that we’re briefs, I salute you – they’re a nightmare! While boxers offer more space, it only solves half of the problem. Furthermore, just like any other part of our body, that area gets itchy and when we’re in a public space, it becomes even more excruciating. Our most embarrassing reason, though, is trying to hide a hard on, but that’s a story for another time.

Never washing our face

Man Washing Face

It’s a widely known fact that women are more hygienic than men. Being rugged and gritty has long been associated with masculine traits. As toxic as this may sound, Dove has found that this is actually our reality since we don’t wash our faces. Over 46% of American men skip this step in their morning and nightly routine, simply because they feel like they don’t need to. Dermatology expert, Karen Lynn Accattato, expressed her concern (and disgust), while imploring that all men must regularly wash their faces to rid themselves of bacteria and dirt as well as preventing ingrown hairs. Noted. In all honesty, I try my best but sometimes it gets late and I get lazy.

Use Our Imagination

man imagination

Dubbed the biggest sex organ in the body, the brain is a powerful tool. So it’s no surprise that according to a survey carried out by a sex-toy company, that 1,032 men have admitted to fantasising about Jennifer Lopez while masturbating. This may sound sad but sometimes we just don’t have access to a computer or mobile device. Pornography can also numb the libido, therefore it’s no surprise that men have admitted to foregoing erotic sites completely to enjoy better orgasms through their imagination. As detailed by neuroscientist and sex therapist, Dr. Nan Wise, “The mind is the recipient of all the body’s sensations. So there’s this empirical evidence of a huge connection between the mind and pleasure.” Whether we’re thinking of J.Lo, a steamy old fling or a woman, who we momentarily locked eyes with at the gym; chances are that if you’re attractive, then we’ve probably done the deed to you.

Having a good ol’ tear up

Man crying

This isn’t strange but it’s a reaction that isn’t typically expected of us. The reality is that we’re not all tough guys. Even if we think that we are, it’s not an image that can be upheld round the clock. Unfortunately, society has led us to believe otherwise. Men do cry. While we try to keep it a private affair, it happens more often than not. Maybe while listening to a sad song or watching a romantic movie. I shed a few just the other day when Chelsea reached the Champions League final! Whatever your reason is, don’t let it pile up. According to Psychology Today, only 23% of men cried when feeling helpless compared to 58% of women. Mental health is important; so don’t bottle it up and speak to a professional, today.

Do you do any of these? Get involved in the conversation and let us know your strange habits in the comment section below.