What A World’s Strongest Man Eats In A Day

Worlds Strongest Man

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Here's what the world's strongest man eats each day

Worlds Strongest Man

Hafthor Bjornsson or Thor as he is more commonly known is  is the first person to have won the Europe’s Strongest Man, the Arnold Strongman Classic, and World’s Strongest Man in the same calendar year. Clearly lots of time, effort, blood and tears have gone into him developing his colossal size. But it’s not all about his exercise.  Thors Youtube channel reveals how much of his success is down to his diet and the massive 10,000+ calories he consumes every single day.

When on the move Bjornsson still ensures he eats his 6 meals a day. Steffan Efferding, his nutrition coach, ensures that fresh meat is delivered to his hotel room daily, he also has his very own rice cooker and a fridge.

Every morning starts with a hearty breakfast. Thors day kicks off with 6 eggs, a farmyard of bacon, along with 3 pieces of French toast. All of this is washed down with his daily vitamins. To help with digestion he then goes for a short walk of around 10 minutes

In about two and a half hours, it’s time for some more food.

The second meal of the day consists of bison, rice, spinach,and chicken stock, followed by more vitamins. Thor then jumps on the treadmill for another 10 minutes while easting some fruit


It’s midday, and Thor chomps down his third meal: more bison and rice in a bowl, followed by a 30 minute nap. Meal number four includes, rice, carrots, steak, spinach, eggs, and chicken broth, while meal number five is more rice, spinach and bison. Meal number five is the same rice dish, while meal number six sees Thor eat a “cheaters meal” of devilled egg, chicken wings, French fries, along with a juicy steak, carrots, potatoes and spinach.

Weighing in at a hefty 202 kilograms, it’s safe to say that Bjornsson needs to consume a humungous caloric diet to maintain his core and strength. But the Thor also acknowledges the importance of endurance in the events. He states that if he gets too much heavier than what he currently weights, it will ultimately affect his endurance in the events.

Bearing in mind that the recommended average adult daily calorie intake is around 2,500 calories, the 10,000 consumed by Thor might seem rather excessive (and granted, it really is). However it doesn’t even compare to the 12,000 calories Michael Phelps ate in the lead up to the 2008 Olympics. Phelps needed to swim for well over five hours a day, averaging 50 miles a week, so such a high calorie diet was needed to achieve his goals and be the champion he was.

Want to see what 10,000 calories a day looks like?

So you’re properly thinking that 10,000 calories a day is pretty impossible right now. But here at Guybible we love to bring you the full story, so what better way of seeing what a worlds strongest man eats in a day then watching the big man in action.  Enjoy